Thursday, September 16, 2004

I must apoligize to those whom I have offended in my careless remarks. I had no idea that they would be taken as an affront to the people whom I care for, or the profession itself. Please understand me: I do not direct any "disrespect" in using such terminology to the patients themselves, and would certainly never refer to my job in such a way in front of them; neither do I intend those words to be disrespectful, only humorous. Regardless, that does not negate that fact that I do refer to NAs as such, even though I was only attempting to make light of a sometimes difficult job. I do have a very high regard for those in and out of the church who do this job much better than I, more patiently and graciously. Even though I may have a hard time with it, and maybe deal with it too flippantly; it is not appropriate to give any appearence of evil in my attitude. I will be more wary of how I portray my feelings towards my job, especially in such an impersonal way as the internet, where my true attitude may come across askew. Again I apoligize for my rudeness and impropriety, and I appreciate your loving rebuke and encouraging thoughts. I will seek to be more content with the calling that God has given me at this time and remember that I am not serving mere man, but the Son of man.

In regards to the other comments; no, im moving farther from albany, more towards where the Prices live, about 5 minutes from where i am now. and the dresses run a large range on pricing. starting out, im charging a bit less that what the competition charges, but hope to charge more as i gain more experience and have better quality. just to give you an idea though, a skirt would probably be between $30-60 (USD) and a dress $50-80, depending on the detail of the patches, pockets, applique, etc.

thanks for your support! i hope i will find time to bang out a ton of clothing so we can ge tthe site up and going.
keep checking:

Friday, September 10, 2004

mood: uh, sweaty? is that a mood...
music: norma jean- memphis will be laid to waste

all i know now is regret
she follows like a silhouette
on the cobblestone behind me
she's nothing left to say except to innocently ask
her voice as delicate as glass
do you see me when you pass?
but i
i continue on my way...
~norma jean

so, not once but twice now ive tried to blog only not to save it and lose it after hours and hours of deliberating over the precision of every word. this is quite discouraging and so i temporarily gave up blogging, and though from avid blog readers who check these things to see how us east coast americans are doing it would seem that i had ceased to exist; i have not.
summer is over already and i feel like ive done nothing athough im sure thats not true. ive spent much of my time building a hunchback from bending over the sewing machine handcrafting something or other. id call them clothes but no one else thinks so. i listed one item on ebay to sell: a handmade patchwork hippie dress (with a free hemp necklace) and no one bought it, not only that but they never even bid. i guess it happens; i gotta stick with it, but man, being a seamstress is not as profitable as being a poopsmith. just to equal the money i get at the hospital, id have to sell a dress daily made in 8 hours for almost $100. there's no way. so much for that idea. regardless of no hope of profit, ive still got website going up for my unproductive company. ( it helps to know the best webmaster :D)

i started school last week, last semester EVER. im kinda glad and kinda sad. school is fun because you can avoid all the responsibilities of an "adult life": working a lot, bills, monotony.... (jk, sorta). tons of people ask me: so what are you going to do when you're done with school?
its still up in the air though now i have some better direction, which is to go the opposite way i was going. forget medicine, nursing, and the smelly hospital (well maybe i wont forsake bum-buffing yet). i managed to postpone adulthood another whole year by getting an internship too with an interior designer. i get to sit around all morning and do what i love, creating, designing and feeling pretty fabrics. of course i make no money but thats what the smelly hospital is for.
being young is so carefree it scares me sometimes. i know that one day ill wake up and be like my parents: up to their eyeballs in debt because they didnt spend and save money well when they had it. i do have something to save up for now though, which might help me develop some good habits. one of my roomates, lisa, and i are moving out to our own apartment at the end of september. we've got a lot of painting, window treating and upholstering to do and thats not cheap.


so anyhow, thats life for me. it is good. me likey :D

heh, a song called John West just came on launchcast.