Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mood: I love my husband....
Music: We are going to be friends by The White Stripes

It's amazing how beautiful weather absolutely inspires me to clean - and even look forward to it! I couldn't wait to get home from doing laundry yesterday so I could scrub down the kitchen. It tired me out so I had to save the bathroom for today. Oh well, it's something to look forward to. I still had enough energy though to start working on the pattern for a slipcover for our couch. (there's always energey for sewing) I finished a girl's baby quilt and am waiting to start the boy's with the rest of the ladies in our Quilting Club that Tammy started. It's going to be nice to be able to chat while I quilt; the only thing I don't like about quilting is how easily my mind wanders. I get sick of my CDs and the radio pretty quick. The library has some books on CD but I think I've already taken out all the good ones they had: Wuthering Heights (interesting story but not as good as Jane Austen's books) and Kidnapped. That was actually a really good find because I had no idea what the story was about but took a chance on it and it turned out quite decent. It was set in Scotland around the 1700's (?). I know it was after the Covenants were made because the main character made a reference to them. He also recites a part of Psalm 121 straight from the Scottish Psalter, so I'm thinking he may have been a Covenanter, but if not, he was certainly a Christian and stands up for what he knows is right multiple times. At one point he gets mad when someone else calls him a Jacobite. I think they were a group of papists that wanted to return the Stuart family back into power in Scotland. (Does anyone know more about them?) I can't tell if he is upset someone called him a Jacobite for religious reasons (he didn't want to be confused with a papist) or for political reasons ( he was on the Campbell family side). There are a lot of political issues in the book and unfortunatly I don't have the supporting historical knowledge to know what was going on in Scotland at the time the book was set except that Scotland had been taken over by England and they couldn't wear kilts or play bagpipes anymore. It makes me want to study history more. If you know anything about it, or have read the book please shed some light. :D
Boy, I feel like I could sleep anoter four hours but I must buy groceries and dawdle in the AC.