Friday, September 07, 2007

I think I should blog just so blogger doesn't cancel it.

I don't have anything to say but I have six months of non posting to update. Something must be blog worthy.

Here's a picture of our new house, so I guess I could tell you that we moved.
It's got an old apple (pear?) tree, a possible crabapple, tons of non identified berries, and I keep finding more grape vines. There's a cow pasture across the street and an empty field behind us that we hope to buy and put our own cows in. For now we plan on getting chickens in the spring and maybe some rabbits. And coveralls too. Then we will be true farmers.

The baby is doing well, wiggly and kicking. My midwife thinks that it's a girl and I kind of do too but the drano test (and it never lies) said boy, or atleast I got the same ambiguous results that I did with Ethan. Speaking of the little darling, he loves his new house too but he loves it even more when people come over. Three quarters of his life were spent living with "geema and geepup", who spoiled him constantly. I'm sure he gets quite sick of just seeing me all the time.

So during the next two months before the baby comes (October 31st) I have to make curtains for the house (oh bummer) and double dig a hundred feet worth of garden for next spring's beds. Wow I gotta get to work...