Friday, November 11, 2005

Mood: hungry, but I gotta wait my turn... lets hope Ethan isn't planning on another marathon feeding session.
Music: Iron and Wine: Naked As We Came

So Amy tagged me awhile ago but it's taken this long to come up with five things. I finally did it and here they are:

5 Things People Generally Don't Know About Me
1. I am addicted to Spider Solitare, but more than that, I don't actually like winning it. In fact, if it appears that I am about to beat it, I start a new game.
2. I have been to Nepal, Thailand, England, Iceland, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Also the Philippines when I was a baby but I don't remember that.
3. I am a coffee snob; I dislike all coffees but Starbucks. My favorite drink is a grande regular coffee with a valencia flavor shot with lots of cream and some sugar. I would drink one every day if I could and I thought my heart could handle it.
4. My favorite scar is on the bottom of my foot. My sister and I were building a tree fort out of old used wood and we were trying to flatten the old nails rather than take them out since we had no tools. Also because of that we decided to use our feet instead of rocks or something less penetrable (can you see it coming?) Rachel and I both got a nail through the foot, but the cool thing was that it happened at the EXACT same time. That's why it's my favorite scar.
5. I played with Barbies until I was 11...ok I was 14, but that was an isolated incident! We pulled them out one day because we were REALLY dad took a picture for blackmail.