Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ethan had a tooth extraction last Thursday. His front one had become infected after a fall almost a year ago and at a recent checkup, an x-ray showed that the infection had eaten a huge hole in the root and could spread to the adult tooth if it didn't come out. Not the most fashionable thing, but all kids lose their teeth at some point and Ethan would just have a hole there for longer. So the x-ray showed that the infection was in the middle of the tooth but we couldn't see that there was a tiny piece left holding the root to the rest of the tooth. The dentist prepared us for possible future oral surgery to remove that little tip if it was infected as well. However, God's hand was on the dentist's and the whole thing came out with one tug! Ethan barely noticed and had very little pain afterwards. We're so thankful that the whole thing went so well; even ten year old kids have a harder time with extractions than Ethan had! I remember when I got my teeth pulled as a kid (I had seven "extra" teeth out) that the needle with the novicaine to numb my mouth hurt SO much that I cried. Ethan got some numbing gel before the needle to numb his mouth so they could....numb his mouth some more. Where was that gel back in the 90's?! I guess he's just tougher than me. No surprise there, eh :)
The rest of that week I had been trying to get some deeper cleaning done on the house to get ready for the boys' birthday party last Friday night, as well as for when the baby comes. All my efforts have been undone by now though, but ah well, tis life with kids! Cleaning gives me something to do while I wait wait wait. I'm just dying to meet this baby and find out if it's my girl! (or my equally beloved boy) The official date is the 18th but Ethan and Ed both separately guessed the 15th, if that means anything. Kinda of creepy, if that does end up being the day. Any guesses? If you get it right, maybe we'll send out a prize. Naming rights? God-parenthood? Or maybe just a story told every year about how awesome you are at guessing birthdays!


At 5:12 PM, Blogger Manda said...

Ethan's made out of little man-rocks. I think I've got one of those too. His name is Walter-Gibraltar.

I can't wait to see your baby! I'm guessing she will be born on the 21st just to make you wait even longer. Yes, she, though prophetess I am not. I'm only hoping for your sake.

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Aww. His tooth is cute. I'm with Amanda, can't wait to see your baby girl;-).Your in our prayers constatly
Much love and hugs.


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