Monday, March 05, 2007

I turned 23 last weekend and got the best present ever. Not only did I get to spend the day with Ed and go to China Wok buffet and buy fun yarn for socks and old books by Hugh Miller, but I also found out I am pregnant for the second time. I'm quite sure it's a girl, I think I knew that even before I knew for sure I was pregnant. If it's another boy I'll be kinda bummed, although Ethan does need someone to beat up on.
Not sure yet if we're moving or staying. Nothing really exciting has been going on. I feel so sick and tired and don't want to do anything so I haven't, except sit around. I did pick up knitting again recently and accomplished a pair of socks. I also made a pair of slippers, which I'm pretty proud of. As I mentioned I got yarn to make Ed a pair of socks. Right now I'm also working on a bolero for myself. I'll have a lot of maternity (and baby) clothes to start making too. People ask me what I do all day; I guess I do a lot of sewing.
Cecilia, a lady in our church, has given me the job of making her window treatments, which is going to be the kick-off of the resurrection of Oath of Stitches. Ed's making me a new website which is going to be sweet and will include one side of home furnishings and another side of clothing and accessories. I don't want to crimp Scarlet Stitch's style so the apparel won't be for awhile.