Friday, March 20, 2009

Not quite the view from here yet but soon enough. I'll have to enjoy it while I can, since we're moving out in a month or two. We bought our first house! That is, if it all works out, but the hard part - getting them to sell it to us for much less - is over. It turns out the house was owned by an old acquaintence of Ed's and of the 6 or so other people they showed it to, they told our realtor that they only wanted to sell to us! God can move the hearts of men if He so desires, and apparently He did because we even got it for $15,000 less than the listing price! Things have been going pretty smoothly and so we're just waiting for the closing on May 8th. As much as we're holding out for Idaho, it seems like the perfect time to buy with the $8,000 credit, and the house is pretty nice. A brand new bathroom! No mold!

I think the morning sickness is almost over. I've been pretty useless the last few weeks but now I feel like I can do more. The boys and I are able to go outside often, and the twins especially love exploring. They've gotten so big, and I forget because I see them everyday. They're obsessed with babies, and Ezra walks around calling Noah "baby baby". Their favorite thing to do is dance. Every morning when I get them up, the first thing they want to do is go in the bathroom with Daddy while he gets ready for work and dance to the music he's listening to. I have a great video of them that I keep forgeting to put up. And someday I WILL put up some more pictures! It's so funny how much they love Ethan and mimic him in so many things. We went to Stewart's on Fifty Cent Cone Day (formerly known as Free Cone Day - lame) and Ethan decided that he wanted "pink ice cream with green and blue in it" which turned out to be Cotton Candy flavor. He got his own bowl and I got a plain old chocolate for myself and the twins. They refused to even try the chocolate, although they generally love it, and begged Ethan for some of his the whole time. I wonder what it is about pink ice cream that's so appealing to kids? (It tastes as revolting as it sounds, by the way) Ironically, whenever the twins get attention, Ethan mimics what they do to try to get the attention back. I guess he hasn't realized the power he has in being the older sibling yet. Mwahahaha! Boy do I remember being the big sister! Ahem, yes, we'll have to direct him to use his powers for good.

I miss all you all! Oh and by the way, you're invited to a bonfire here tomorrow! It won't be the same without you.