Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know I don't mention my husband or kids very often or in much detail here. I find anecdotes are best accompanied by a picture, and the pictures are found in Our Family's Photo Album. So I tend to write about other things, such as crafting. But lest you think that knitting is my only love and my family is just peripheral, let me just brag a little about how wonderful Ed, Ethan, Ezra, Noah and Charlie are.
For my birthday, the twins unknowingly presented me with an extra hour to sleep in by waking up later than usual. Even better, once they were awake and about to wake us all up with their loud but cheerful morning banter and requests for breakfast, Ed quickly whisked them away to somewhere while I got another hour to sleep in. Wonderful! All that while, he was changing their diapers, feeding them, keeping them quiet and making a most delicious breakfast treat for me to enjoy in bed when I awoke: bacon cooked to perfection, a pile of scrambled eggs and the best coffee with whipped cream and caramel on top! Better than a coffeeshop since I enjoyed it surrounded by my best guys who sang me Happy Birthday. I was so spoiled; it was the greatest present ever.
In reality though, it doesn't take a birthday breakfast for me to feel spoiled. My husband is ALWAYS so thoughtful, loving and sympathetic to me. He is such a godly man and has grown so much in the five years we've been married. I'm praying for a long, long life together so I can continue to grow, learn from him and enjoy the man he is. Not only is he a great husband but he's also a wonderful father. He never misses an opportunity to teach his sons about life, computers, wrestling, creation, wisdom and the most important thing they'll ever know: their need for Christ. I know they are growing up to be good men all because of their Daddy.
Ethan takes after him most, being compassionate, affectionate, fun-loving and hungry for reading and knowledge. He does his best to please us and be a good big brother. He often takes iniative to help us out, such as getting his brothers some cereal in the morning so Mommy and Daddy could rest longer. He's not afraid to speak his mind and stands up for what he knows is right. He is incredibly creative as shown by his Lego robot-building skills. The other day he said, "Look! It's an army! There's thousands of them!" while pointing up at the myriad snowflakes falling around him. I love my Ethan.
Although Ezra and Noah don't have the same communication skills Ethan did at their age, there's no doubt they are just as clever. They've learned quite a lot from Ethan's example and are ready to obey. Granted they are two two-year-olds and often partners in crime. There's lots of training involved but certainly twice as much fun. They too are quite affectionate, if you can get them sit still long enough. Ezra doesn't go through a day without cuddling on the couch with a blanket and chicken pillow for a quick rest every now and then. Noah often carries a teddy bear under his arm, calling it his "Chalie." Their language, though not articulate, is just precious. "Wuvoo mummy" "Sit nescue?" "Beda pleasa?" "Fankoo mummy!" (jumping up and down clapping for a meal) "Watchawoovee?" "Chowlie coot?" (approximately 100 times a day) However, my personal favorite is when they sing psalms. Pretty much any book will do; they plop down, open the book pretending to read it, and belt out their favorite one: presently Psalm 14. I love my Ezra and my Noah.
And our Bonnie Prince Charles is the happiest baby we've known. Charlie Cheeks will smile at most anyone who looks at him but he loves his Dad more than anyone. At the sound of his voice Charlie's face lights up. All the boys love their father but especially Charlie. I love my Charles.
Ed reminds me how blessed I am to have four kids, and all boys at that. I'm not nearly as appreciative as I ought to be but I pray I would be worthy of the blessings of my family.


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately how you're my hero? It's true - you are. There's no way God's not gonna give you a daughter- You are too wise as a wife and mother to not be given the opportunity to train a little girl to be the same.
I love you so much sister and wish so desperately we could live closer and have your wisdom rub off on me.
I miss you

At 11:45 PM, Blogger worstedoptimist said...

When was your birthday?? Belated Happy Birthday!
My love and prayers, you dear lady!

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