Monday, May 23, 2005

Music: none
Mood: half-asleep

Today is our one month anniversary! Married life is wonderful and ten million times better because it's with Ed :) I think we're going to go out and celebrate at the ole' hot spot: Denny's. Which means no cooking dinner tonight! Aww shucks.....for something so relatively simple it sure does get old after awhile. I'm having a hard time coming up with food for two people, I can't imagine how hard it will be when we have a bunch of kids. For now I need to spend the time planning out what we'll eat for the week so that I buy only what we need. Otherwise I'll want to make something at the last minute and won't have one or two essential ingredients and we'll end up eating spaghetti (again). And I'll have all these extra ingredients (like vegetables) that just seem to go to waste because I can't eat them fast enough.

We were *thinking* about going to Edmonton when we heard about how many Albany people are going, or hoping to go. I would be seven months pregnant and we were worried that would be an issue. I called the two airlines we would likely travel, Continental and US Airways and they said you can travel up to seven days within your due date unless you have a doctor's notice saying you're healthy and can travel anytime. One of the ladies who answered said she traveled two days before her son was born and it was fine. So, woohoo! I can fly. So then I looked a tickets. Ugh. The amount of free airmiles we have aren't nearly enough to cover even part of one way for one person. So that stinks. We probably won't go unless we find a grand laying around.

Well today is grocery day - the highlight of my week - and also cleaning day ( I have to couple the worst with the best so it isn't so bad). We've had a lot of bugs (including this one: Those house pets aren't attracted to dirtiness and mess, but they are attracted to the mounds of ants we have, which are. So I learned that I'm not a good housekeeper and now need to devote an entire morning to cleaning the apartment thoroughly so they don't come back. It's been working since I implemented cleaning day last week. The ants haven't really come back unless we leave hunks of food on the floor and when that happens we just persecute them with bleach. Man, looking at that scutigera website is making me nervous and I keep looking up at the walls to see if any are there. If you've even come across one, you might know how creepy they are. Or maybe you're just braver than me!