Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mood: awake! abnormal at 3:13....AM or PM, heh...
Music:'s quiet time on C8
Food craving: actually nothing right now because we just had a massive food party for Ed at work (it's his last night as a PCA, and hence, why I'm awake a 3:13 blogging) and we ate all the good, wings, blue cheese with chips and "easter" cake.....I guess it was on sale or whatever. It's ok because the bunnies really mean fertility and it was kinda like a wedding party for Ed and I, celebrating our future litter of children. Well, it tasted good, bunnies or not. But not as good as lobster. I guess I am craving lobster right now, even though I'm fuller than full. I added this extra header because all I do now is eat, and when I'm not eating, I'm thinking about what I want to eat next. It's terrible.....-ly wonderful.

So, I had a free hour to spare this evening and a computer to sit in front of and we all know how an hour will fly when in front of a computer so I wanted to spend it wisely. With an unbelievably meager 9 emails in my inbox I soon headed to the old blog to update. Alas, the site was down and would not let me in. I still managed to squander away the whole hour looking up maternity clothing and finding cloth diapers versus disposable ones instead. Ed and I are ambitious and want to go all out with the cloth diapers....even though we have no washing machine at our dear apartment. I hope it works out because I'm all for them, good for baby, wallet and environment. But there's only so much we can take of poopy diapers sitting in the corner. More to come on that dilemma this winter.

I had planned on blogging about the wedding plans. But the biggest news is just that we finally got a place. A lovely hotel conference room with all in one wedding and reception, just how we wanted it. Minimal decoration required and "free" linens (plus the cost to rent). The only problem is that we got one of the most talented pianists in all of United States and Canada to offer us her services for free, like the real kind of free, and we have no piano! So, um, anyone got a keyboard to lend? Or, heck, anyone feel like moving a piano for us?
I'm ashamed to say the dress hasn't even gotten into cut out pattern form yet, or left the JoAnn fabric bag it came in for that matter. That's only half the material. The rest of it is still sitting on the bolt in some unknown store. Hey, it's hard when you have no car!

No one wants to hear about that anyway. Same old wedding stresses everyone goes through. I was going to be original this time and do a Top 10 List of Things I'm Looking Forward To. But it would only be original if I filled it out, and originally. And I'm kind of lacking on an entire list of ten things off the top of my head so if I end at five don't be surprised that I called it a night.

Top Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. The Wedding and subsequent marriage to Ed. No duh.
2. Esther/Ethan. Also a no brainer.
3. Sleeping in my own bed tonight. Sarah has been too kind to let me sleep at her place but the back can only take so much of a deflatable airmattress. Boy oh boy do I love my queen sized bed. I've got to take advantage of it before I move out in four days and the next tenant gets to enjoy it.
4. Having family worship when we get married. :)
5. Breakfast. Maybe I can pick up a lobster on the way home....
6. Homeschooling. The success of your child is potentially in your hands, as well as so many other things. It's one of those things that is so terrifying and yet inevitable so it does no good to run in fear but nervously to step forward with blind faith that tons of other mothers have done it by the grace of God, so why can't I?
7. Having gray hair. I hope it turns white too. :)
8. Planting a garden and eating so many tomatoes that I get sick of them.
9. Using Ed's American Express miles to go somewhere cool, like Great Britain or Edmonton.
10. 7 AM so I can go home and sleep!

Goodnight! Thanks for bearing with my if you made it this far and I promise not to blog this much again atleast until I wake up this afternoon. :D

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mood: cold!
music: launchcast.....lifehouse right now but before my new favorite song: Peanut butter toast by Sarah Harmer

So we picked out the perfect wedding dress!
I uploaded a picture to my photo album, the link to which is at the right ----->
It's the smaller one which you can't see very well.
I'm very excited to start working on it before the detail it requires overwhelms me and I give up. If only it would stop snowing so I could go to Joann's and get all 22 yards of fabric it requires. ugh.
I was counting on using my tax money to buy fabric, thinking I would get back around $700 or $800. But no. Only $117 from the government. AND I had to pay New York $2. Isn't that pathetic? I want my money back! I worked hard and earned it. What has the government done for me? Offered to kill my child and no one would have to know. Ok, ok I admit, it also has given me and the baby free healthcare, and yeah that counts for a lot. But a whole quarter of every paycheck! They can't possibly need that much for my healthcare.
Fortunately, my parents have kindly offered some money towards the wedding, so I'll still be able to buy all the fabric for the dress, not just some parts of it.