Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mood: cold!
music: launchcast.....lifehouse right now but before my new favorite song: Peanut butter toast by Sarah Harmer

So we picked out the perfect wedding dress!
I uploaded a picture to my photo album, the link to which is at the right ----->
It's the smaller one which you can't see very well.
I'm very excited to start working on it before the detail it requires overwhelms me and I give up. If only it would stop snowing so I could go to Joann's and get all 22 yards of fabric it requires. ugh.
I was counting on using my tax money to buy fabric, thinking I would get back around $700 or $800. But no. Only $117 from the government. AND I had to pay New York $2. Isn't that pathetic? I want my money back! I worked hard and earned it. What has the government done for me? Offered to kill my child and no one would have to know. Ok, ok I admit, it also has given me and the baby free healthcare, and yeah that counts for a lot. But a whole quarter of every paycheck! They can't possibly need that much for my healthcare.
Fortunately, my parents have kindly offered some money towards the wedding, so I'll still be able to buy all the fabric for the dress, not just some parts of it.


At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

Hey Hannah,
Just wanted to say congrats on everything :) Miss you a lot. Email me or call me sometime. Oh and thanks for the new knees ;)!

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous ejspii said...

Honey I was thinking... Maybe we could save money, and like.. I'll make the dress! yeah, I mean I have like hemp, and duct-tape and nails.. oh oh and cardboard boxes. I mean you'd be super stylin ;):D

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Kristen Dubitz said...

Hey there Hannah-gal, WOW I'm speechless at the sight of your ring ( drool drool drool) and now that dress ( drool slobber drool)!!!I am soooo happy for you!! EEEEK!!! It seems things are going very well witht the wedding plans!! Hope you totally enjoy this all, soak it ALL up, babe!!:D Speaking of babe, how's beebs?:D I heard YOU heard beebs' heartbeat?:D Is that not awesome?!?!:D I can't believe you are making that dress!!! I'll be prayin' that you may sew with ease!!!:D My mom made mine, and it can be diff. But how special it is to me!! Well, I should git, Jen is upstairs watching the kiddies and I must relieve her. hahha Well, Love ya babe. Big hugs to ya!!! Love, Kristie............Dubitz(ers) :D


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