Monday, July 12, 2004

It's on!

so theres this bet between a certain Edward and myself. The deal is that we both get to 135lbs by dec 31st 2001 - er.....2004. he thinks i cant do it, little does he know that i am going to win.....and WHEN i do, Irene and I will be adorned with certain hemp necklaces that he's been promising us for ahile (though true, he didn't say when we'd get them, just sometime). I'll also be furnished with a lovely new website for selling stuff already picking out colors for the design :D
if for some reason im in a coma by dec 31st and cannot get to 130 lbs, let alone 135, then he gets a new dining room set (from the dumpster)

whatever, i can boast myself if i want: its my blog

hey i went to prince george....those people are as fabulous as everyone has been saying and ten times more. i stayed with allison at the grounds, who are a great little ( i mean big) family. seeing them and the grennons and all the other larger families' dynamics is very encouraging. obedient children has been such a foreign concept to me before the last six months. actually its probably about eight time has flown since iver started coming to church at albany crpc and yet i feel like ive never known anyone else, or any other way of life sometimes. and then i wake up and smell the coffee and see what damage my experiences and SIN have done to me and i realize i am at the very bottom of what i should be (sanctification wise). ok maybe not the very bottom....but like in the dregs of the bottom. i dont really want to drag out the direction of this ramble by going on about my problems but.....too late i already did.
i also became a communicant member while in prince george and had my first Lords supper with the largest single gathering in a long time. \:D/ it was such a blessing to first talk to the elders for a couple hours when examined and then to prepare and finally take part in it. now im looking forward to the next one in about 3 weeks on august 1st (im so spoiled)
thats about it, everyone else knows the exciting details of the trip, or they were there anyhow. all in all, it was a good time and i want to move to canada.

ps. dont hitchhike, not even in canada.


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