Saturday, April 24, 2004

alright im taking a break...
so i had this awesome idea for making a skirt so i spent the afternoon at the fabric store picking out all these pretty fabrics and i was planning on finishing it tonight after work and tomorrow morning, if needed.
(heh, if needed.)
let me tell you, sewing by hand is s l o w. i dont have a machine yet but i didnt think it would be that time consuming to to sew by hand, especially this pattern which is like thee easiest pattern ever. right now its 230, ive been working about 2 hours ( and listened to jack johnson 4 times) and all i accomplished is cutting out 4 measley pieces and sewed one of the ties to the skirt. !! so most likely this will not be done by the time i go to work tomorrow, that is unless i dont want to sleep tonight.
and i choose sleep.

this has been a random update brought to you by hannah
goodnight :)


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