Monday, December 13, 2004

Wow I can't believe it's been three months since I've blogged.....time flies.
I moved and the new place is so awesome. The landlord (John) is really great to us, he even towed us up the long curvy driveway when it snowed here. The thing with bachelor husbands and four end up with a lot of stuff, and not a lot of cleaning. Whenever we need anything, we can just go over and ask, he probably has it: serving spoons, vegetable oil, and egg, a wrench, a desk, a treadmill (he just gave us his old one!)
I happened to notice, while searching for a vacuum cleaner, that he has (or his wife had) an old serger just sitting there collecting dust. I am trying to save up for one so when I saw it wasn't being put to use, I mentioned it to his oldest daughter. I asked if her mom still used it and if she could find out if I could borrow or buy it. She said she'd look into it and then the next day there was a serger sitting in our doorway! I thanked John about it later and he said that I could have it but it wasn't working properly (I found out when cleaning it that it wasnt working because a piece got jammed from abuse so she just ended up getting a new one). So it's mine! What a blessing, sergers are usually so expensive and this was handed to me! I had the lady I intern with check it out, since she is the sewing macine queen, and it looked fine to her, just the one part that will need to be replaced, probably cheaply. Yay!
The internship is going awesome by the way. Joan and I work well together, she's a good teacher and good company. We have a lot of time to talk and the Lord has given me many oppurtunities to talk about all things religion. Joan is a Christian, but in such a liberal church. We agree on many things, like interpretation of the Bible, homosexuality, women pastors, civil justice etc. Our favorite topic is holidays ;) I say ours but I really mean mine. Basically she's heard all the arguements against it and now she's just celebrating because she wants to, not because she can refute Scripture. Quite aggravating. I really need grace to deal with her because it's so easy to find myself just nagging, rather than having a thought provoking conversation.
This week is the last of classes then finals on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. When school is over I'll be able to spend more time sewing for Oath of Stitches.
For now I need to go get some coffee then write my last paper EVER so I can go to the mall with the Birgers, Laura and Darren.

May God Bless all of you, and I hope I can catch up with you soon.....I miss you friends!


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