Monday, December 20, 2004

My dad just recently decided to grieve us all by suddenly moving to Norfolk, Virginia with no warning and no intention of ever coming back to us. I suppose it was warranted in that it was for a job, the only job that he could get since losing his old one at Fleet Bank. I'm awfully sad to see him go, he is the only commrade I have in my family and outside of the church. And now he's nine hours away. :(
I'm hoping, though, to go see him in the middle of January for atleast a weekend. It would be even better if while I was down there I cculd swing by the Georgian/No.-So. Carolina societies and visit with them since I've met none of them, except Tony.
So that's what I'm looking forward to.
Getting away from the cold ( I hear it's quite balmy down there now).

That's about all thats up with me, I'm enjoying the pre-end of school vacation that I designated instead of pre-end of school studying time :P Ed, Rocky and Sarah came over on Saturday night and we ate pizza, talked about family worship (do singles have family worship? and are they, even the women, heads of household?); annoyed my roomate I'm sure, and then watched the very long and disappointing Count of Monte Cristo. If you haven't seen it already i dont recommend it. I hear though that the book is much better, albeit about 800 pages. But anyway, it was good to hang out with them. Now that Sarah's here, I hope to hang out with her more often too (another girl my age! \:D/) We're trying to work out living together but it's not quite falling into place as hoped. My roomate wasn't really prepared to have someone come live with us immediately, also, we live about 45 minutes away from Sarah's new job, which would make transportation a semi-hectic situation. But I'm hoping to have her stay here and there as much as the roomate with tolerate. It'll be like having a sister again. :)
Thats all for now, I'm headed for the chat and some much needed catching up!


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"oh my Dear bookie
you are my bookie
I call you bookie
cuz thats your name
you'll never know booook
how much I love you
Ed please dont take my bookie away!"
~lyrics written by your baybuh sister
~music written by a person who really enjoys sunshine

i love you

I cant wait til your wedding
I'm so freakin happy for you.
The other week I argued with mom for like 2 hours defending you and Ed.
and then trying to make mother dearest realize that she has no right to criticize or say that she knows best when she, herself, is one of the top five nominees for the "worst relationship in the world" award..
oy... madre....

I didnt get a dress yet but I did however buy Ester two REALLY CUTE outfits
...unless Ester turns out to be, infact, Jeramiah... in which case he will be very comfortable with his sexuality and wear pink... because he's my nefew and my favorite person on earths child...and hes cool like that...

hey do you still not care what color I wear for the wedding?
cuz dresses are stinking hard to find... that fit... that arent custom made... hey maybe in alllll your free time in the next month wanna make me a dress too!?! haha jayyyyykayyyy

so how have you had this blog for A YEAR...and i just now... TODAY it for the first time? does that happen?
Now I feel like you, in fact, hate me...
and then...
I came across a few things that confirm this idea...

"I'm awfully sad to see him go, he is the only commrade I have in my family and outside of the church"

um hi!?! remember me? We've been best friends since 1986!

"It'll be like having a sister again. "

I'm curious... when exactly did you STOP having a sister?
did I die and no one told me?


Tell Edward-your-soon-to-be-husband
and "congrats on the job!! woo!"

tell him
just like that
with the woo
exactly how I say it
unless you forgot how I say it
because you hate me!!



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