Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Apparently this is news but it just makes me mad...

"Should Lust Really Be a Sin?
Lust is one of the seven deadly sins first identified by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century. He nailed them all: Lust, anger, envy, gluttony, sloth, pride, and greed. It's a cornucopia of bad living.But hold on! A leading philosopher at Britain's Cambridge University says lust has been wrongly branded as a vice and should be "reclaimed for humanity" as the life-affirming virtue that it is.Professor Simon Blackburn told the London Sunday Times that lust has gotten a bad name from bad ideology that has hindered its "freedom of flow." His quest is to rescue lust, arguing it has been wrongly condemned for centuries. And he has a prestigious backer: The Oxford University Press, which will publish Blackburn's project on the modern relevance of the seven deadly sins, including lust.Blackburn told the Times that he wants to save lust "from the denunciations of old men of the deserts, to deliver it from the pallid and envious confessor, and the stocks and pillories of the Puritans, to drag it from the category of sin to that of virtue." How does he plan to do this? He defines lust as "the enthusiastic desire for sexual activity and its pleasures for its own sake." But if lust is reciprocated, that leads to pleasure and "best flourishes when unencumbered by bad philosophy and ideology...which prevent its freedom of flow."Here is Blackburn's logic at work: Thirst is not considered sin, nor is it criticized. But thirst can lead to drunkenness. In the same way, lust should not be condemned just because it can go unchecked."The important thing is that generally anything that gives pleasure has a presumption in its favor," Blackburn explained to the Times. "The question is how we control it.""
~Netscape news

how wicked is that!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

music: none
mood: out of it
i woke up not too long ago, after having worked the overnight shift.  not something i do too often, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, especially since i snuck a nap in at 3 AM. :>  ive got to do the same shift on Monday night, so i figured i wouldnt try to break my messed up schedule before then.  unfortunately im now a vampire. 
the problem with being awake all night is that the buses dont run, so basically im stuck here at home.  its not too bad,  i havent been here in so long that i almost forgot what it looks like.  (*Side note: Ed and various other people have been most gracious and generous in driving me around or hosting me in their homes; their kindnesses are much appreciated*)  
With a couple days off of work, ive had a chance to get to what ive wanted for awhile; i did some baking, some cleaning and sewing.  i had a spontaneous chance to borrow my roomates car for a night (while i was awake and she was sleeping), so my sister Rachel and i went to super walmart out of sheer boredom.  i decided while i was there to get my new sewing machine, also a spontaneous act and probably not the greatest idea since we all know what "quality" items walmart sells.  i took it out of the box at home and tried to fiddle with it and, of course, something broke.  well, it may or may not be fixed (fortunately Ed looked at it for me and could easily discern what was wrong) but i think i might still take it back.  that is if i can spontaneously get back to super walmart before thirty days are up.
its so weird....i still have all night to be awake.  its probably going to be dull, just me and the cats.  Hopefully ill use my time and read somethings ive been wanting to for awhile.  Shawn let me borrow two books : A Quest for Godliness and The Puritan Hope.  Tammy also lent me Female Piety, which I am thoroughly enjoying and highly recommend to all women, especially single ones.  I want to share a passage that has been most encouraging to me (emphasis added):

Lay the basis of all your excellencies in true religion, the religion of the heart, the religion of penitence, faith in Christ, love to God, a holy and heavenly mind.  No character can be well-constructed, safe, complete, beautiful or useful, without this.  Cultivate those dispositions of mind which have especial reference to your future mission as the help meet for man.  Improve your mind, and grow in intelligence by a thirst for knowledge; for how can an ignorant woman be a companion for a sensible man?  Cherish a thoughtful, reflective turn of mind.  Look beneath the surface of things; beyond their presence aspect to their future consequences.  Be somewhat meditative, and learn to retrain your words and feelings, by a rigid self-control.  Pay most anxious attention to your temper, and acquire as much as possible its perfect command.  More women are rendered miserable, and render others miserable, by neglect of this, than perhaps from any other cause whatever.  Let meekness of disposition and gentleness of manner be a constant study.  These are women's amiabilities, which fit her for her future situation far better than the bold, imposing and obtrusive airs of those who mistake the secret of women's influence.
Well, i need a coffee and some exercise, so i think ill jog down to Dunkin donuts before it rains.
have a blessed evening my friends!

"...a child away from home..."

Monday, July 12, 2004

It's on!

so theres this bet between a certain Edward and myself. The deal is that we both get to 135lbs by dec 31st 2001 - er.....2004. he thinks i cant do it, little does he know that i am going to win.....and WHEN i do, Irene and I will be adorned with certain hemp necklaces that he's been promising us for ahile (though true, he didn't say when we'd get them, just sometime). I'll also be furnished with a lovely new website for selling stuff already picking out colors for the design :D
if for some reason im in a coma by dec 31st and cannot get to 130 lbs, let alone 135, then he gets a new dining room set (from the dumpster)

whatever, i can boast myself if i want: its my blog

hey i went to prince george....those people are as fabulous as everyone has been saying and ten times more. i stayed with allison at the grounds, who are a great little ( i mean big) family. seeing them and the grennons and all the other larger families' dynamics is very encouraging. obedient children has been such a foreign concept to me before the last six months. actually its probably about eight time has flown since iver started coming to church at albany crpc and yet i feel like ive never known anyone else, or any other way of life sometimes. and then i wake up and smell the coffee and see what damage my experiences and SIN have done to me and i realize i am at the very bottom of what i should be (sanctification wise). ok maybe not the very bottom....but like in the dregs of the bottom. i dont really want to drag out the direction of this ramble by going on about my problems but.....too late i already did.
i also became a communicant member while in prince george and had my first Lords supper with the largest single gathering in a long time. \:D/ it was such a blessing to first talk to the elders for a couple hours when examined and then to prepare and finally take part in it. now im looking forward to the next one in about 3 weeks on august 1st (im so spoiled)
thats about it, everyone else knows the exciting details of the trip, or they were there anyhow. all in all, it was a good time and i want to move to canada.

ps. dont hitchhike, not even in canada.