Friday, September 23, 2005

Music: Mates of State
Mood: frustrated....September 23rd and it's almost 90 degrees! where's that beautiful New York Fall weather?

Don't you hate it when you are all set to blog and blogger refuses to let you in? That's how I felt yesterday when I was inspired to blog, even though I had nothing in particular to blog about, but was stopped short. I also wanted to check my email and listen to Launchcast but both also refused to work. I had to be content with the radio (yawn) and wait to check all 127 messages today. So that's my gripe.

I spent yesterday and today cleaning the house, organizing the clutter that perpetually accumulates, mostly because I only move it from one place to another in a tidy fashion. We're having company tomorrow! (squeal) It's so exciting to host because we get to use the good dishes. Although, I don't know why we don't just use them on any other day, it's not like they can only be served off of when other people are here; it's just so much more special. I don't know; we don't get visitors often, and yeah, it's just Ed's family but it's still exciting.

I'm reading this awesome book called Quilting By Hand, by Jinny Beyer. It's hard to believe that the quilts she designs and makes are truly by hand, but I suppose it might be easier if you're willing to be patient to spend twice as long on a quilt because you have more control. I find when I'm machine piecing that I get crooked lines and non matching corners. Also, there are many spare moments throughout the day where you could pick up a couple pieces and just sew them together real quick instead of having to set up a block of time without interruption to pull out the sewing machine. Hand piecing, you could be wherever you need to be, looking over your kid's shoulder as he practices reading with you, watching a movie, nursing, chatting on the phone, riding in the car, waiting in line or tons of other times. I think I'm going to give it a try and hand piece my next quilt. It seems to make more sense, especially observing poor Amanda and Kathryn at our quilting night who only get a few blocks sewn by the end of the night because of all the interruptions kids provide. So I cut out all the blocks now while I'm still kidless and this winter while I'm adjusting to being a mom I'll still have a project to work on that will be slow but steady progress during my down moments. ( This beautiful quilt is on my list on ones to try but certainly not anytime soon. It's hard to tell from the picture because it's so small but the pieces are probably really frustrating to fit together.)

Speaking of baby, Ed and I went to see our kooky midwife again today. She decided to use her magical powers and predict to us the gender (boy), birthdate (October 16th) and weight (8.5 lbs) based on.......her medical expertise?
Based on the moon.
Yep, the 17th is a full moon and so I'm due on the 16th.
And I trust this woman with my and my baby's lives in a potentially life or death situation should something go wrong. This is why I'm thankful there are two midwives on call and I like the other one; he's more normal (yeah it's a he, which is a drawback but I'll take him over her anyday). I just pray that he's on call the day I go into labor.
Neither on them are on call on October 14th (I'm due the 13th) Yikes! So I'll have a.... :gulp: attend me! The mind has the power over the body though, so I refuse to go into labor when I can't have a midwife, even the crazy one. Ooh, baby just kicked me really hard.

Ok, time to go make dinner - mmmm, eggplant parmigiana, fresh from the farmer's market!