Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mood: heady...too many cleaning products and too little open windows!
Music: Thrice

Well, we were bummed to have missed out on the Edmonton party. This talk of another gathering next summer here in Albany is helping to get over missing out on seeing everyone again. I just hope it comes true! I know I'll do all I can to get things going; I donate my services to planning events and such, AND though I can't speak for Ed for certain, I'm pretty sure we volunteer our home to the first family that needs a place to stay. Please, please come everyone! We even have an air conditioner (Albany isn't the prime spot for a summer gathering...but atleast it's not Georgia! See? All you Georgians, don't you want to come up for a "break" in the weather? ;).

Bob Schneider
Walking everywhere due to a lack of a vehicle
Experiencing public transportation
Going to TGIFridays with Ed and Shawn after work
Relearning how to sew
Damien Rice
Losing weight by living on chips and salsa
Going to Prince George

Of all the things I remember most about last summer, hothotheat is not one of them! Just goes to show you how the temporal things of this life really are temporal and will be forgotten tomorrow. Right? Right.

Sitting in front of the AC will help remind me of that.

Gotta go.