Monday, July 06, 2009

Isn't he just too cute?
Just dropping in to say pictures of my own kids are finally up!

Friday, July 03, 2009

The outside. Ed is installing a better drainpipe from the roof to divert all this rain to the back of the house instead of flooding the garage. I've inherited quite a lovely perennial garden and am looking forward to figuring out what all of it is!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Somewhat twinish twin sized quilts for twins...

These ones are endearing because it's another completely scrap quilt and I used some of mine and Ed's old clothes. The backs are made from old unmatched fitted sheets. Most of the blue squares are our old jeans and pants. There's also some fabric leftover from Ethan's quilt in there so they all kinda go together. I was hoping to make ones that they could use all the way up until adult hood, instead of just making a baby blanket. We'll see if the boys actually like them for that long. ;) I had a lot of free time when we lived at Ed's parent's house for 6 weeks and was able to finish up the second quilt. It has been unseasonably cool and VERY rainy so sitting under a heavy quilt wasn't so bad. I am so thankful for the highest temps being about 80 degrees on a bad day and in the 60's at night, when this time of year it's usually unbearably hot and humid. I'm just waiting for the weather to straighten itself out. No way can I luck out and bypass a whole summer's worth of heat but I am indescribably glad for the long lovely spring we've had.
Dad, Rachel, BIL Chris and nephew Tully arrived two weeks ago and we had a nice visit with them. Rachel and Tully got to stay an extra week but have to leave tomorrow :( My boys just love Tully but aren't really sure of proper behavior around a baby. I guess they think he's a doll or something. The twins follow him around saying "Baby! Baby Tulltull!" and pointing at him (but usually end up poking him in the eye) Poor Tully is pretty tolerant of his cousins because he likes hang out with the big boys. I just hope the new baby will be agreeable too! The twins seem to be going through a clingy phase, perhaps because of the move and having visitors. We also tried to transition them from cribs to matresses on the floor. Because they can get up whenever they wake up I think they're a little overtired. We might go back to confining them to their "jail cells" for another few months. Ed is renovating what will become their room and mostly all that's left is painting so pretty soon they'll be able to settle in to having their own space (right now they're in our room) which should help too. Ethan is so excited about getting to sleep in the Hacklers' old bunkbed like a big boy! When we get that room done I'm hoping to put up some pictures of the house. I was waiting to get more settled and have everything decorated beforehand but who knows when that will be! You'll just have to imagine and I'll show updates as they happen over the months.
I haven't been able to upload any pictures to our Photo Album but hopefully soon I can get some up more up.
Miss you all!