Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank you Kathryn, Amanda and Holly for your suggestions. It's been three nights now and things are going great! Even the first night wasn't so bad. He slept so much better by himself that he only woke up a few times (compared with every hour before). I nursed him twice the whole night and the other time he woke up, we each tried rocking him to sleep. He woke up when we would go to put him down so finally we just let him cry himself to sleep. Ed and I ignored him and started talking (because you certainly can't sleep over a screaming baby next to you!) and the sound of our voices seemed to soothe him. The next two nights he would sleep for four or five hours then wake up to nurse (I know, I gotta whittle that down, but baby steps first). When he would wake up for comfort, he was easily rocked back to sleep. The next step is to let him cry himself back to sleep, but it's not so easy when he's right there, and we don't have any other place to put him. Your resolve disappears at 4 AM when you're tired! But hey, I think we made progress, and I am so encouraged that it actually worked! Now if only I can get used to sleeping so long and not wake up before he does!


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