Thursday, October 20, 2005

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I'm in labor!
I was asked last night at a tour of the labor and delivery ward at the hospital by another midwife patient, who is due on monday, after finding out I was almost a week overdue: "How do you deal with waiting?"
What else is there to do?
So I waited. We went to the midwife yesterday for a non stress test (where they check the baby's heartbeat as it relates to it's activity to see if it's still healthy) and an ultrasound to see if there was still enough fluid around the baby. The NST was fine; our little kicker was super active. (120 BPM baseline: it's a boy, eh?) The ultrasound was fine too, if anything there's too much fluid around the baby. No one would say if that was a definite indication of problems but we're supposed to go back tomorrow ( if I haven't birthed yet) to re-evaluate the fluid. We could see it moving around, and we're like :"Ohhh, that's what's going on in there when my tummy looks like a tidal wave." I always wondered. Then the midwife checked to see if I was dilated (only 1-2 cms) and said things weren't quite ready yet but soon. I went home not expecting to see the baby until next week. I went to bed, then during the night got up to use the bathroom. For some reason I decided to turn the light on and just happened to see....a little plug ( I won't be too graphic). I went back to bed and had a couple contractions during the night. Around 8 I called the midwife and she said it definitely is labor and to just hang in there. Right.
I've been trying. At first I had no idea how quickly things would go so I rushed around the house trying to get ready: packing, making a meal, doing dishes. They progressed from 20 seconds long to 30 seconds long by noon, still sporadically, depending on my activity. I laid down after lunch and that seemed to slow things down a bit. Ed and I went for a short walk around the block before the sun went down, then had dinner, opting for take out in case my water broke in the restaurant. Walking felt really good, or maybe it was the fresh air. (What a beautiful day to have a baby on!)
I've been sitting down trying to blog for a couple hours, distracted by the contractions. I think I need to get up an move again since they seemed to slow down. I waited almost forty minutes between two, and that's no good. I gotta get to 1-2 minutes apart before I can go to the hospital. Fortunately the baby used to break to get in his exercise, so I know he's okay. I, on the other hand, am tired. I want to try and sleep soon but I'll do some laps in our apartment first.

Pray for us!


At 1:08 AM, Blogger Amy said...

We're praying! :)

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

Yay congrats Hannah!


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