Monday, July 28, 2008

How things change in a month. Pretty much everything you can see in there (except the sunflowers) is a tomato plant. The carrots are shorter and hidden on the left side but even though you can't see them they are in no short supply. I pulled a couple dozen the other day to try and thin them out and there are still so many left. The peas are pretty much all picked, shelled and frozen. Some vines are still producing but they're getting woody and bitter. All the rain has caused them to start rotting since they're basically just in a big pile on top each other. I have to pull them apart to try and find the pods. Next year I will definitely stake them better, despite the package's claims that they are the bush variety and don't need it. The tomatoes also need much more support. They would probably be as high as the sunflowers now if I had, but instead they're all over the walkway, and even blocked off the middle path. I tried to take a picture of myself next to the sunflowers to show just how big they are but I couldn't quite do it by myself. This is how it feels looking up at them:Underneath them, and growing quite nicely despite a late planting, are acorn squash that are crossing over into the tomato bed (as if that weren't grown over enough already) and up the sunflowers. I had tried to companion plant basil with the tomatoes to keep away bugs but they have been completely covered by the rampant tomatoes. I guess the basil's doing it's job.


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