Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello All!

It has been a pleasantly busy couple of weeks since I last updated you. It's nice to have something useful to do with oneself.
Ethan is growing like kids do. Everyday we get up and he plays for awhile then we go have breakfast and chase the cat. Then we have "learning time" where he is forced to sit against his will and listen to me explain numbers, colors and shapes. This usually lasts less than five minutes. Then we go back upstairs to our cave and he plays some more while I do housewifey stuff, or enter in merchandise at our new store (check it out at www.cardsvault.com). He goes to sleep around 11 and sleeps until 2. The rest of the day is do whatever with him. He gets tired of our room often so we go outside and run around the backyard or take a walk or poke our pet rabbit. We have a pet moth in our room that he loves to poke also. This morning he learned how to twirl around in a circle (more like a long oval) and thought that was so funny. He even got dizzy when I did it.
Weaning him is pretty easy and though I would have liked to nurse him longer I can't keep up with his needs. Whereas I would have nursed him before he goes to sleep, he's starting to fall asleep on his own. Right now he just fell asleep under the table. So cute!

I gave up on the schooling idea for the time being, especially since I have devoted my time to the store. When all the merch is up I'll probably go back to it.

I've done a couple sewing projects here and there, slippers and a crocheted hat for Ethan, a handpieced scrap quilt (not done yet), and I want to try to make slippers for myself.

But the most exciting news is that we are going on vacation! We'll spend two weeks in November travelling the Southeast, visiting my dad, sister, grandparents, the St. Louis society and Ed's grandma. I'M SO EXCITED!


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a online store selling magic cards?


~Sister who is bursting at the seems she's so stinkin excited about seeing you in 14 days!!!!!


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