Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I guess we should watch the news more...
Everyone (around the country) knew we were having a major storm but us, and that we had had a major storm. People were without power for days, going to shelters, burning furniture just to keep warm...well, I don't know about that last part but I'm sure it could have happened. Things were bad, and I just thought it was pretty! Despite losing quite a few limbs from our trees we were fine and never lost power. Thank the Lord that He saw fit to preserve us! The ice covered everything atleast an inch thick, creating a white filter on whatever you looked at. When the sun shone on it, it was like glass, casting rainbows all over. The pictures don't really capture the splendor but imagine that whatever looks white in the picture is actually ice.

This one was up in the mountains where they had more ice and a layer of snow.


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Pretty pics!


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